September 14, 2009

An Alternative Vision for Wales and Britain

With a looming British General Election, voters will, once again,need to consider which political party best represents their aspirations and hopes for the future.
The Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for greater transparency and accountability from our elected representatives, have long been committed champions for locally driven solutions and ideas to tackle pressing needs in our local communities and have long espoused the dangers of foreign misadventures and unscrupulous bankers.
The choice for voters in the forthcoming British General Election should not be curtailed to that of the Labour and Conservative parties. Many voters are tired of the old and quite frankly out dated visions of both these parties.
It is my belief that only the Liberal Democrat party can offer voters in North Wales the representation that they deserve, from offering high caliber locally based candidates to a vision of the type of community we all wish to live in, here in North Wales and beyond.

Rhodri Jones,
Chair, Vale of Clwyd Liberal Democrats

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