June 23, 2009

Nick Clegg: Lib Dems can overtake Labour at next election

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has confidently stated in an interview with the Financial Times that our party could overtake Labour to become the official opposition at the next general election.

Building on similar statements he has recently made in the House of Commons and in an interview with the New Statesman, in which he explicity set out his ambition to be Prime Minister, Clegg said he believed "big things can happen" when a government loses touch with the public and is defeated in the battle of ideas.

Clearly comfortable in his own skin as leader now, Nick Clegg has set out ambitious plans for the Liberal Democrats, and has proved in recent months that he has the confidence, skill, courage and conviction to see them through.

From his laudable defense of the rights of the Gurkhas, to his courage in calling for the Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin to resign, and for speaking out against the renewal of Trident, Nick Clegg has proved time and time again that he has his finger on the pulse and will speak up for what is right, no matter which conventions he has to break in order to do so.

We have a leader we can be genuinely proud of and a bright future to look forward to as a party.

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