May 11, 2009

Chris Ruane's voting record in the spotlight

The Government's defeat in the House of Commons on the issue of allowing Gurkhas to reside in the UK was a victory for justice and democracy, and a huge embarrassment for Gordon Brown and his fellow Labour MPs. The public majority rightly support the Gurkhas' right to live in this country, having fought for it and put their lives at risk alongside our troops.

Our local MP, Chris Ruane, was unsurprisingly not one of the 27 Labour rebel MPs who voted with their conscience in support of the Lib Dem motion to offer guarantees of residence to the Gurkhas. It's unsurprising because, if you take a look at his voting record (, he has during his time as an MP supported the Government in voting against a transparent Parliament, voted FOR the Iraq war and against an investigation into the justification for war, he supported introducing university top-up fees which has made access to higher education more difficult for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and he has supported the disastrous, hugely expensive and possibly now abandoned white elephant that is the ID card scheme. It's equally unsurprising, albeit disappointing, that Chris was one of the MPs who voted against expenses reform last year.

The question we should all be asking our local MP is, has he represented his electorate's views in Parliament and done the job he was elected to do, or has he simply towed the Labour party line on every major issue of the day? The public are ready for a change now from a Labour Government which has lost its moral authority and economic credibility, and the Vale of Clwyd deserves to be represented by someone who is prepared to take a stand and vote for what is right. We expect, and deserve, no less from our politicians when we elect them to office.

Chris Ruane has had an easy ride on this so far and it is time he started justifying his actions in Parliament to his electorate back home.


  1. Anonymous10:55 am

    it time for chris raune to pay the people who tramp the streets to deliver his leaflets - call it expenses he can afford it' they are working for nothing is he?

  2. Lightning12:43 am

    Mr Ruane is an ineffectual MP who seems to be content to follow the party line and has little regard for his constituents.

    When one points out his slap dash ways it is not well received.

    Ruane likes to bang on his drum about being a council estate lad, his working class roots but he seems well out of touch with the grim reality of the struggle many face and it would seem, wants to keep those who are fiscally poorer, in 'their place', voting for uni top up fees.

    Is this to ensure many more youngsters sign up for the armed forces so they can become cannon fodder for this inept, seemingly corrupt government who led Britain into war with enthusiasm?

    Blair making the 'D' notice effective with reference to Operation Ore as it is rumoured, three cabinet ministers were named and it would 'compromise security' leading up to the Iraq War.

    WEill the LibDems make this information available in the public domain and anyone guilty facing charges? Anyone who covers up should be named and shamed. Perhaps those who know are afraid they'll end up like Dr David Kelly.

    I am so angry with Ruane and what he represents, he certainly doesn't represent me although, sadly, he is my MP ............. for now. Vive la revolution

  3. The conduct of the labour party,and its sycophantic apparatchicks like Chris Ruane is practically a treason against the strength,security and welfare of this nation.Furthermore,when the chilcott enquiry posed it's ineffectual questions to Tony Blair,why were the MOST important questions not asked.Q1. " Mr Blair,was the of collateral damageand the deaths of innocent civilians not considered before launching this illegal war? If many dead women and children were considered ACCEPTABLE?