April 25, 2009

Petition to get rid of Brown

In the words of Peter Black AM, this is "threatening to be the next big internet viral after Susan Boyle."

Unelected, and seemingly unaccountable, Gordon Brown has led this country to the edge of the precipice. We are experiencing officially the worst economic crisis since World War II, with full recovering likely to be more than 10 years away. His government has nearly bankrupt the country's coffers, and ensured that every child of this generation will be in debt to the tax man for decades, with little to show for it.

Gordon Brown's claim to economic competence is in tatters, and after pledging during his tenure as Chancellor to end boom and bust, he has led us to one of the biggest busts in our country's history. The country needs new leadership, and new hope for the future.

The Liberal Democrats offer an alternative vision for government and the economy, and you can view Vince Cable's response to the Budget 2009 on BBC iPlayer.

If you agree that Prime Minister Gordon Brown should resign over his handling of the economy, please sign the Number 10 petition, which runs until 22nd October.

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  1. this fool really does need to go