March 02, 2009

Paul Penlington on Prestatyn council failures

The Tesco 'development' in Prestatyn has so far consisted of extensive demolition work creating a huge and unsightly derelict hole in our town. The council have made no comments publicly to explain what is going on and have failed to respond to requests made for information. Do they even know what Tesco's plan to do to our community? Frankly, I doubt it.

Combined with the collapse of the Ffrith 'development' and the continued extensive roadworks scheduled to continue into July, our current council have done a thorough job of destroying any hope Prestatyn had of attracting summer visitors to the area for several years ahead. I'm sure we won't get many people coming to look at a Polo on a stick.

Why are they so inefficient? Do they have any interest in the future of Prestatyn? Are they prepared to keep us informed of how they come up with their incompetent decisions?

It would be laughable if these continual failures to plan adequately for our town didn't have such serious implications in the current economic climate. Our council tax is set to rise by 2.9% in the next year, above the average wage increases and above the average council tax rates for most of Wales, can our council explain where our money is going, how it is spent and what their next bizarre scheme will be?

This letter was sent to The Rhyl Journal for publication in the March 4th edition. The opinions expressed in this post are the views of Paul Penlington.

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