February 25, 2009

Colum: Give Young Entrepreneurs A Chance

Young entrepreneurs like Kimberley Gracess (Help Needed for Business, Journal, 18 Feb) are what are sorely needed to get Rhyl back on its feet and she should be supported in her efforts to set herself up in business. 

Unfortunately this lack of support sums up the attitude of the people who are paid to 'regenerate' our town.  All the millions being spent on regeneration are worth nothing if they are spent on the wrong things.  Who wants to visit a town with a non-existent town centre with no shops and nowhere to park?

There should be initiatives designed to bring new business into the town and helping young people like Kimberley would be a good start.  What about cutting business rates to help people get started up and giving incentives to encourage businesses to choose Rhyl over our neighbours? So much more could be done to make our town centre a thriving heart of the community again. 

What about a weekly outdoor market and street entertainment in the Events Arena close to the parking facilities available in the underground car park and the unused coach park? Traders and visitors could have easy access with no disruption to the normal flow of traffic around the town.  This would bring in much needed revenue through stall rents and parking charges and have a knock on effect bringing additional custom to established businesses.

Rhyl needs more visitors and good ideas to attract them and if young people like Kimberley can provide them, so we should be giving them all the support they need.  The bright young people of Rhyl are our future and we must give them a chance if Rhyl is to have any chance at all.

This letter was written by Colum McCormack to The Rhyl Journal for inclusion in the February 25th edition.

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