June 02, 2009

European Elections 2009: Fighting Your Corner in Brussels

The European elections are fast approaching with polling day on Thursday, June 4th. The Welsh Liberal Democrat have chosen an excellent lead candidate for the forthcoming elections. Alan Butt Philip is a lecturer in European politics and has previously been a special adviser for both the UK and European Parliaments on such matters as the European Single Market and European Regional Funding. Alan's wealth of knowledge and experience on European matters is without question.

The European Union should matter to us all. The European Parliament bears its influence on such diverse matters as the environment, the workplace and cross border organized crime. The European Parliament has proven itself over the years to be a progressive legislature that is profoundly concerned with the rights of the ordinary citizen. In short, these elections matter a great deal.

The endless drip of scandalous revelations relating to MP's expenses has been, to say the least, disappointing. We should clearly expect much better from some of our honourable representatives at Westminster. However, resorting to voting for smaller, fringe parties would not be the answer. A number of these fringe parties, I fear, would sow divisiveness and discord in all matters European. Let us not forget the horrid and destructive European wars of recent past. Let us not take for granted the stability and peace the institutions of the European Union have given each and every one of us. These achievements have not come by chance but rather through concerted efforts over many years in working productively together, where appropriate, in order to achieve peace and common sense political and economic co-operation.

I know that Alan cares deeply for Wales and would fight vigorously for Welsh interests in Brussels. By voting Welsh Liberal Democrat on June 4th, you can be assured of electing an enthusiastic and hard working lead candidate who would be a real voice for us all in Brussels.

Those views expressed above are solely those of Rhodri Jones.


  1. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Well you got two votes from our household, I hope others did the same.

    In the WA, Micks Bates is the only person who has listened to my concerns about poor conditions in puppy farms in Wales, so much more needs to be done.

  2. Thanks for your votes - they all count!