April 11, 2009

Why are you a Liberal Democrat?

Thought this was an excellent video and wanted to share it with everybody. Every member of the party has their own reason for why they became a Lib Dem, and this video illustrates the broad spectrum of reasons wonderfully.

I've got the idea into my head now of doing a Vale of Clwyd version of this video with Mark, myself, Colum, Paul, Rhodri and co. Watch this space!


  1. Is it possible for anybody to be a Liberal Democrat for some reason other than that they are so Nazi & supportive of genocide, child rape & organlegging that the BNP won't have them?

    I see that even the BBC have admitted that the illegal war the LibDems so enthusiasticaly supported was fought not to prevent genocide but to promote it, together with child sex slavery & the the kidnap, dissection while alive & sale in parts to our hospitals of thousnads of Serbs.

    Your party & all its remaining members have proved themselves to be obscene Nazi war criminals guilty of atrocities worse than Hitler's. Every single murderer should be brought to trial & hung.

  2. Frankly, your comment is so utterly ridiculous and unfounded, it doesn't warrant a response.

    But I will say this, having just Googled your name. If you are so vehemently opposed to the Liberal Democrats, then why were you a member until 2006 when you were expelled?

  3. That is a good question. Having been in the party since the late 60s I geniunly believed there was still a strain of traditional liberalism in the party. Also I believed the LD members, alone, through conference exercised an actual influevce on policy. I found out the latter was wrong when I got our conference to unanimously support a motion calling for the Yugoslav "trials" to be done on a non-racial basis & for the NATO leaders who armed the KLA to be brought to trial. Though it was passed no senior party member ever took any notice.

    Niave of me I know.

    Then I was expelled, officially for being an economic liberal.

    I have since been told that the real reason for my expulsion is that I was not prepared to support racial genocide & child sex slavery (I didn't know about the organlegging at the time though the leadership must have). Obviously that proves anybody else in the party is.

    I am not sorry to be gone but I think it disgraceful that the party, having been taken over by various sorts of fascist still keeps the honourable name "liberal" in their title.

  4. Told by who exactly?

    Your campaign to libel and smear the Lib Dems by posting your ridiculous fabrications on blogs is clearly not convincing anyone.

    I suggest you take a cue from Damien McBride and quit now. Smear campaigns should have no place in modern politics.

    I will only participate in constructive debate and therefore will not be replying to any further posts from yourself.

  5. I was told by Norman Fraser who wrote up the "charges" on which I was expelled. It is only a smear when it is untrue or irrelevant. For example you claim that I am making "unfounded allegations" is a smear. If you have checked at all before writing you know this to be true.

  6. Paul Penlington11:43 am

    What a strange chap! Why is he commenting on our blog when he's based in Glasgow?

  7. Why not? Human rights do not stop at the Welsh border.