August 02, 2007

Lembit Opik for London Mayor

Having met Lembit in the Vale Of Clwyd this year during the Welsh Assembly Elections I have to say that he would make a Fantastic Mayor of London.

He mixes well with people from all walks of life young & old and is a very, very capable politician. He has that special "je ne sais " when he talks people stop in their tracks and listen. When I was with him we met with both business & community people in the Vale and his knowledge of the many topics that we were discussing was vast and he always offered sensible solutions !

When Boris put your foot in it Johnson & Ken Olympic Fiasco Livingstone threw their Hats in the ring, they is only one result and that would be a Metetorite Strike knockout,and the Winner is Lembit Opik.

But if you want a real London mayor contest - a real man of the people, please leave a message and spread the word people of London Opik for Mayor..-[If Enough People Respond We Just Might Swing It]

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