November 05, 2006

Introducing John Sprotson - Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Prestatyn Town Council

In this entry you will find a personal message from John Sprotson, who has produced the following online message as part of his campaign to win the Prestatyn Town Council By-Election this November:

(John is pictured on the left of the photograph, along with Mark Young)

“Friends will tell you that I have never been a ‘shrinking violet’. So if you believe that you wish to have a strong voice in the council chamber, maybe you would consider voting for me. Let me tell you a little about what I stand for:

I believe that our Community Hospital must be kept open, indeed even expanded to increase services to our community.

I also feel that it is time that issues affecting our local community and our town were addressed. Many of the big issues are directly or indirectly dependent on Denbighshire County Council. Sadly, the voice of the local electorate does not seem to be heeded. As a result decisions (or rather the lack of them!) are holding back the much needed regeneration of our town and I want to put that right.

The building of the new school is going to generate extra traffic on an already busy roadway, particularly at the crossroad junction, and urgent review of road and traffic management is essential to the safety of our residents and our children.

Finally, I also believe in fighting for Saving local Post Offices, putting Bobbies back on the Beat, user friendly recycling, and a consistent approach to car parking in the area. “

A bit about John Sprotson:

John is married to wife Mair with two daughters and grandchildren, and has lived within the South-West Ward of Prestatyn for the past 24 years. John has served on the Town Council from 1991 until 1995. This included a period of time spent as Deputy Mayor to Councillor Mike German.

The by-election is on the 23rd November 2006 and if you would like to know more, please email John at or call the deputy constituency chairman Mark Young on 07769 666239

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