October 22, 2006


At the Autumn conference in Aberystwyth members voted for legislation to be bought in to limit class sizes to 25 per class. I feel strongly in agreement about this and spoke at Conference to support the legislation. Last year I spent a day in a class at my local school and was told first hand by the Head Teacher and staff of the
benefits that smaller class sizes would offer . The finest investment our generation can make is to give high quality education to our next generation.If we are successful each and every child will be given the opportunity to realise their own potential . There is no doubt that smaller class sizes will be beneficial to a
pupil's education. The fewer pupils there are, the more attention the teachers can give each of them and therefore improve their learning experience.

As a business man, I also believe that a good education which smaller class sizes will deliver will set up the foundations for long term economic prosperity of Wales.

I also truly believe that smaller class sizes will help reduce behaviour and crime problems. Expert opinion confirms that children well taught and well cared for in their early years have a better opportunity to lead successful and rewarding lives.

We all have the same vision as parents and teachers. Many of our candidates are teachers themsleves. We understand the daily pressures of teaching large sized classes.

I believe that the Welsh Libe Dem class size policy is good for stability, good for staff and above all good for parents and children. Everyone is a winner.......

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