July 26, 2006


Over the last few months all we seem to hear about the NHS is articles about cutbacks here and cutbacks there because Trusts are out of budget and have overspent.

The cutbacks being proposed by Conway and Denbighshire NHS Trust are particularly worrying. I read recently to my horror this particular Trust Board papers dated Monday 5th June, and I feel I must share my concerens and findings.

The Clwyd Community Health Council and the Welsh Assembly Government have stated that the consultation time for any major changes in North Wales of hospital services will be extended to the 28th July 2006.

But the Trust say in their service, change and efficiency plan (SCEP) scheme that the closure of HMS Stanley will save £1million pounds! And Abergele outworking of second care - saving £400k.What worries me is how can this be done before the Government's agreed deadline of 28th July or has the decision already been made?

The SCEP scheme marked Strictly Private and Confidential on the website of the Trust for all to see shows savings of £11,720 million in two years with £7,120 million being saved in the first year. To save this amount of money in two years must be health care sucicide. The local community healh council have writen to the Trust saying these savings can't be achieved in two years!

Conway and Denbighshire Trust have been requested to make as many savings as possible in 2007 by the Welsh Assembly Government. (The year of the Assembly Elections?) Surely this is madbess and will stretch the health service to breaking point in North Wales. The staff are already overworked because of the current recruitment freeze at Glan Clwyd but patients will carry on coming through the hospital doors.

I appeal to the Health Ministers, Dr Gibbons, AM. This whole situation needs to be carefully reviewed urgently. Financial decisions should not come before health and patient care. Do something before it is too late - use your authority wisely before it costs lives.....................

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